Please welcome The Accused AD to Blackhouse.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome The Accused AD to Blackhouse Records. With the knife-wielding, toothy-grinned Martha Splatterhead at their side, Seattle’s own THE ACCUSED carved their way into the underground music scene by becoming one

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Review: THE ACCUSED AD – ‘The Ghoul in The Mirror’ [Official Video]

By CountDoom

Blaine Cook (also known as The Wizard) is a musical figure who has been around since the 80’s. He started his music career fronting the Seattle based political punk band The Fartz, but he is perhaps best know for his time in Splatter Rock kings The Accused. Founded in 1981, The Accused were one of the most important bands of the time as they were one of the first to bridge the gap between Punk Rock and Thrash Metal which eventually lead to the creation of Crossover. Despite being an influence on everyone from Lamb of God, Cannibal Corpse, Dead Cross and Municipal Waste, The Accused largely remained underground and underappreciated. Fast forward to 2019 and we no longer have The Accused; but we do have something just as great: The Accused AD! This is a band that features the iconic vocals of Blaine Cook as well as the talents of Alex “Maggotbrain” Sibbald, Steve “The Beast” McVay, and Poison Idea drummer Mickey Widmere! Later this year, The band is scheduled to release a limited edition tape entitled ‘The Ghoul in the Mirror’ via Blackhouse Records Ltd. The album will be produced by Jack Endino (Nirvana, Toxic Holocaust) and mastered by Pig Destroyer’s Scott Hull!
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By Karol Kamińsk

Blackhouse Records has signed the legendary crossover thrash band THE ACCUSED, now dubbed THE ACCUSED AD! Check out the band’s new song and video “Juego Terminado”, coming from their new LP “The Ghoul In The Mirror”, to be released on Vinyl, CD, CS, and Digital!

With the knife-wielding, toothy-grinned Martha Splatterhead at their side, Seattle’s own THE ACCUSED carved their way into the underground music scene by becoming one of the cornerstones of crossover music that melted faces in the 80s across the globe––A punk/metal fusion that planted its ever-growing seed in modern heavyweights such as MUNICIPAL WASTE, LAMB OF GOD, CANNIBAL CORPSE, the Patton/Lombardo project DEAD CROSS, and many more.

The Brooklyn Vegan

The Accused AD prep new music w/ Jack Endino, touring, playing MDF

By Andrew Sacher

The Accused AD is one of the current versions of Seattle crossover thrash vets The Accüsed, who are fronted by Blaine Cook (who joined The Accüsed in 1984 after leaving The Fartz). The lineup also includes Alex Sibbald, Steve McVay, and Mickey Widmere. The Accused AD are gearing up to release new music this year, mixed and engineered by Seattle grunge legend Jack Endino and mastered by Pig Destroyer’s Scott Hull. The cover art was done by KC Angel. That’s all we know for now, but stay tuned for more.
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The Accüsed AD


Whoever it was that said that you should never meet you heroes obviously never met Blaine Cook, former vocalist with The Fartz and The Accused and the current frontman of The Accused AD and Toe Tag. The Accused were one of the first Hardcore / Crossover bands that I ever heard after Tommy Vance played Take My Time, on the Friday Rock Show in 1986 and I immediately fell in love with their raw, visceral, brutal crossover that, thanks to the anger soaked vocals of Blaine Cook, carved its way into my cerebellum. Their music has been part of my life for the last three decades and some spare change, and the vocalist whose venom and fury forever change my life, has been my friend for the last fifteen years or so. He is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most open, honest and genuinely nice people I know .

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