With the knife-wielding, toothy-grinned Martha Splatterhead at their side, Seattle’s own THE ACCÜSED carved their way into the underground music scene by becoming one of the cornerstones of crossover music that melted faces in the 80s across the globe––A punk/metal fusion that planted its ever-growing seed in modern heavyweights such as MUNICIPAL WASTE, LAMB OF GOD, CANNIBAL CORPSE, the Patton/Lombardo project DEAD CROSS, and many more.

After its demise in the early 2000s, the band was reborn in 2004 as TOE TAG–a grittier, back-to-roots incarnation of the Splatterrock sound comprised of three-fourths THE ACCÜSED, featuring Blaine “The Wizard” Cook, Alex “Maggotbrain” Sibbald, and Steve “O’ring Nelson with good friend and musical comrade Steve “The Beast” McVay taking Alex’s 4-string job while the Maggotbrain took over 6-string duties, complete with Wah-Wah shreddage.

Singles were released and compilations were blessed with TOE TAG’s presence, but nothing could wipe clean the splatter that had so stained the early fanbase. So at the behest of the fans, TOE TAG occasionally guised themselves as MARTHA’S REVENGE:  The West Coast Premiere ACCUSED Tribute Band, playing a horror-filled mix of TOE TAG originals and resurrecting ACCÜSED classics, laying waste to the West Coast and plucking fresh, young fans from their Mama’s arms, introducing them to all that is Splatterrock.

Following in the footsteps of bands like VENOM INC. KNOW, FLAG, and ENTOMBED AD–– now with Recruitment of Drummer Chris Gohde the blender baby known as MARTHA’S REVENGE now proudly sports the moniker THE ACCÜSED AD.

The cult of Splatter is alive, and the Kool-Aid is being consumed insatiably so.

They Ain’t Dead yet….


Toe Tag / The Accüsed A.D.

Blaine “The Wizard” Cook : Vox

Alex “Maggotbrain” Sibbald : Guitar

Steve “The Beast” McVay : Bass

Chris Gohde : Drums